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The Boys First Day of School

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    Ccrbin just started Kindergarden and Connor is in Mother's Day Out. Here are a few pictures of their first day.

Connor's Cast

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    Connor went to the emergency room for the 3rd time in his short life. He was trying to reach the trapeze on their playset in the backyard by jumping from a plastic seesaw. He didn't make it and broke his wrist and arm near the elbow. Once he got the cast on he was fine. He was very proud of it. He are a few pictures of him showing it off.

Corbin Looses His Tooth

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    On Wednesday, June 15, Corbin lost his first tooth. He wiggled it until it couldn't hold on any more. At first he was a little suprised with how small the tooth was. That was quickly overcome by pride in his accomplishment. We took some pictures and then went on a tour of friend's homes on our street to show it off.

Favorite Music

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    Jeremey Riddle: Sweetly Broken

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